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Yay Berlin!

Today was the first day in what felt like ages for me to spend completely on my laptop. I didn't have to get up at a certain time and I didn't have to be at someplace at a certain time. So no pressure at all. What a gift!
I moved to Berlin and am now living in a very nice flat in Kaulsdorf together with Luki. I maintained communications with Tilmann and feel our closeness evergrowing. And today I got up-to-date again with what is going on in yunity and feel a great sensation of usefulness and relation to all the other people involved there.
The next week I will build up the last pieces of furniture, empty the last boxes and carry out some foodsharing pick-ups, before I will set out to meeting Tilmann again next Sunday. The amazing thing is, that I'm looking forward to each part of this plan almost equally. Okay, meeting Titi again is best, but still! I wouldn't want to leave today, because I also want to enjoy this initial time in our new flat with Luke and setting up our living arrangements also is a lot of fun for me!
I feel so blessed that I can experience this complex and beautiful set of feelings imminent in me right now! I have one man by my side who gives life to my everyday, greets me with soft smiles, kisses and hugs and provides an amazing safe harbor and another one who satisfies my desires, presents a goal for my longings and gives me the possibility to dive even deeper into this/my new reality which is yunity.
I really think, that I love these two equally, even though Luke is 8 years ahead on the one hand and Tilmann has the benefit of the new on the other...
Both have their charms, both are amazing people and both complement me in different but equally important areas. Both are caring, loving and sweet. Both are handsome, intelligent and interesting. Both are persons I want to share my life with...
31.10.16 23:17
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