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Happily poly...^^

Whoa... I don't know how many times I already said that my life is awesome and that I'd never ever change with anybody, but tonight this feeling reaches a new high...

From today on I actually got two boyfriends! For real! They both know of their existence and they even know each other! And they both love me and are okay with another one loving me too!

On the one hand there is Luke, the soft and caring individual I spent the last 8 years with, developing a deep emotional connection nurtured by high-level intellectual exchange and cautious caressing. On the other hand there is Titi, the fresh love that is defined by an extraordinary amount of sensual contact, be it skin- or thought-wise and an irresistible physical attraction.

Who would've thought that I don't even have to choose now?! :DDD
I actually always thought that having more than one partner would be too much of a hassle, because I've always been craving deep, true and intense contacts, but with these two right now it all seems to come so naturally easy, that it would be much more painful to lose one of them than to invest a bit more energy to maintain the relationships.
I am so super happy right now, I didn't think it would be possible to reach this state...

And I have to say that my hypothesis that love and love combined equals exponential love is totally true! Luke feared that me loving another one could result in me loving him less, but what happened was exactly the opposite! I'm so impressed by his ability to abstract the traditional relationship categories and to really think about the current situation featuring the known individuals; that he was able to overcome his sadness and disappointment about my short period of lying (yes, it was three days, in which I needed to get clarity myself and behaved like a selfish bitch. I just have to admit that...) and realized that our relationship was not in danger but simply had new rules. It only took him half an hour to decide that he'd rather be part of this new honesty than lonely on the side and even in the meantime he smiled at me (even though discouragedly) and caressed my hand (even though shyly and nervously). I just hope that this isn't only the result of me dominating him...

Well, we'll see what happens when Luke and Titi will meet each other again. Luke said that he doesn't dread this moment, that he still wants to contribute to yunity because he likes the project, and that he doesn't even have a grudge against this guy who also made me fall in love with him.
I'm so looking forward to that moment. It's gonna be epically interesting to me...^^
20.9.16 02:16
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