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Binge drinking

Last Monday I drank three bottles of wine. One the one hand it was a lot of fun, but on the other I'm missing around six hours of the night, I lost my glasses and woke up with a bloody toe.
It was definitely not the first time that something like this happened to me, or rather that I made something like this happen. I was always prone to drinking a lot and trying to find my boundaries. The thing is just... when I drink I don't realize how drunk I actually am and I always still function. At least enough to find my way home.

This last Monday I went to my sister's place after the first bottle. On the way I was already pretty tipsy and in an extraordinary mood. I chatted up some strangers next to the castle and felt amazing about the whole situation: the weather, the surroundings, the people and myself. From about the time i reached my sister's flat my memory is fragmentary. She told me I was a funny drunk, but also that she herself had never even thought of reaching a drunkenness level like the one she was able to observe on me that night. Luckily she still found it funny though...
Next day home my boyfriend was really not happy with me. He said he was worried and that i really should stop drinking so much, like he already said before in similar situations. This was the first time that I stopped myself from getting defensive and stating that 'I can do what I want' and that from time to time I allow myself to spiral out. I mean, I do, but what is it worth when i forget half of it? Three bottles of wine is simply too much. And the fact that I can find my way home on autopilot is maybe good to know, but i shouldn't rely on it so much (especially when I will move to another city soon... xD).

Yeah well... Final words: I won't equip myself too well anymore when I plan on drinking and I will definitely try to slow myself down a bit when drinking (although I doubt that this will work very well). Also, I'm very thankful to my sister that she still let me go home on my own! I know that a lot of people would judge this differently, but i took it as a huge compliment, that she also believed that I could do it and that nothing bad would happen to me. She even said 'Everybody else I would have forced in a taxi!' but not me... x3
Thanks sissy! Really!
23.7.16 23:39
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