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Heichelheim, June 30

I fell in love with the best man imaginable. Not only is he smart, cute and loving but he also is not jealous at all and is open to every new idea I introduce. Two weeks ago he joined WuppDays for the first time and he was sincerely welcomed by everyone around. Still, the people used to lamâsching culture behaved differently from newly introduced ones and Luke was suddenly placed in situations where he had to watch me being spooned by another guy, me extensively hugging various people and himself being casually touched all the time.

It was definitely something he was not used to before, but he managed extraordinarily! After some days already, Selina complimented him on holding onto a hug much longer than before and when I asked him after two weeks, if it really is okay for him that I cuddle so much with everybody he just said 'Yes of course! I mean, why wouldn't it? It's just appreciation being expressed, right? Why would I be against it?'

Yep, he actually did not really get why this could even be a problem and I love him so much for that perspective!

Yay to trust in a relationship!
Yay to being open to the love that surrounds us!
Yay to the benefits of being in a group and really being together!
12.7.16 01:48
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