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Just to come back to that: Both my parents said my blog sounds pretty sinister overall. I was surprised by that and I have to say that this kept me from blogging for a while. I thought about the people reading this and didn't want them to get a false impression. That's never good for honest blogging...

But it also made me reflect on the circumstances that make me blog. It's normally me being alone and possibily drinking at home. Guess what situation I'm in today...^^

I just came home from a month I spend with people. It was people I'm close with, people I love and who love me, but still... Coming home to an empty flat was both scary and liberating at the same time. I need this time to process, to shut out whatever is not inside of me to ensure that I'll function properly in the future as well.

Last year at this time I was in Poland. Gosh, so much has happened since then... I feel that I got freer, that I came closer to who I really am and who I wanna be. I feel more honest with myself, stronger and more present than before. I feel that I don't hide so much anymore. I realized so many inconsistencies in myself, which I haven't even been aware of before but now am actually able to tackle.

Sometimes it's painful, frustrating and exhausting but it feels like I'm on the right track. Wherever it may lead...

I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid at all and that is a beautiful sensation.
I'm grateful. I'm so grateful that I have the opportunity to explore all these experiences.
I'm priviledged and I know it.

Is this sinister? Hell, no!
I'm blessed with the possibility to find out what I really want and to then actually do it! I get more independent by the day! I have highs of happiness and surges of love on a regular basis! It's just that I normally write down all this on paper and not in bits and bytes. I write it down when it's acute and not mainly in retrospect. In retrospect I see things more differentiated and ponder over the pros and cons and what I can acually get out of all that's happening.

If that seems sinister to you then you just don't know that to me these insights are extremely valuable. Then you don't know that I find it too shallow to end an article about complex emotional relations in a tone that's only positive. Then you don't know that I think that conflicts are necessary, healthy and completely natural. They are the engine of progress on any level. Or to say it like the bodybuilders: No pain no gain...
28.9.17 21:06

Düster klingt mein Blog haben sie gesagt. So rastlos, ratlos und hilflos.
Ich war sehr überrascht das zu hören, hatte ich doch immer den Eindruck viel zu häufig damit anzugeben, wie toll mein Leben grad sei. Und nur weil ich mich selbst in Frage stelle, heisst das doch nicht, dass das unangenehm für mich bzw. negativ zu werten ist..? Ich hätte es eigentlich genau andersherum gesehen: Sich selbst in Frage zu stellen, Erkenntnisse und neue Einblicke in die Mechanismen des Selbst zu gewinnen ist doch in sich schon ein unglaublicher Gewinn! Das ist es doch, worum es geht - also mir zumindest - und deshalb gibt es IMHO kaum etwas Positiveres...
Das also nur nochmal zur Klarstellung: Wenn ich meine Gedanken über mich selbst hier teile und zu irgendwelchen Schlüssen gelange, dann bin ich froh darüber! Dann finde ich das ungemein bereichernd und erhellend, egal was genau der neue Einblick im Detail auch war. Das sind neue Hypothesen und Modelle, mit denen ich arbeiten kann, um mich und die menschliche Psyche generell besser zu verstehen und zu verorten. Nix Negatives also, wenn ihr mich fragt...
30.8.17 14:17

Hätte ich das kommen sehen müssen? Hab ich mich mit unbewusster Absicht dumm gestellt und genossen, was da kam? Ohne Rücksicht auf Verluste?
Hab ich es eigentlich kommen sehen und tief drinnen bewusst in Kauf genommen? Hab ich den feigen Ausweg gewählt, mit dem ich jetzt behaupten kann ich hätte es versucht? Hab ich es versucht? Hab ich es wirklich versucht? Versuche ich es immernoch? Oder hab ich schon aufgegeben? Wann habe ich begonnen abzuschließen?
Wie echt ist die Angst, die ich jetzt habe? Und wovor genau habe ich Angst? Davor ihn zu enttäuschen? Davor meine gewohnte Sicherheit zu verlieren? Davor am Ende doch auch allein dazustehen?
Oder davor mich selbst zu enttäuschen? Mich heillos zu verschätzen und in ein paar Jahren einen furchtbaren Fehler einzugestehen?

Ich schwimme. Ich taumle. Ich war schon lange nicht mehr so dermaßen unsicher.
Und trotzdem ist das Einzige, was ich weiß, dass ich jetzt bereit bin zu wählen. Oder vielleicht auch nur zuzugeben, dass die Wahl mir möglich ist.
Neun Jahre wirft man nicht einfach so weg...
Aber neun Jahre sind auch kein Grund nicht mehr das zu tun, was sich richtig anfühlt...
Trotz der Angst. Trotz der Unsicherheit. Und trotz des Risikos.
Vielleicht bin ich jetzt zum ersten Mal mutig.
22.7.17 23:03


Ich bin dir ausgeliefert
... deiner Intelligenz
... deiner Schönheit
... deiner Anziehungskraft

Kann mich nicht entziehen
... deinen Armen
... deinem Lächeln
... deinem Charme

Werde niemals satt
... deines Duftes
... deines Anblicks
... deiner Berührung

Bin so voll Liebe wie verletzlich
So erfüllt wie abhängig
So getrieben wie gefunden
So gefangen wie erhoben

Bin noch immer nicht ganz sicher,
ist das dein Verdienst oder meine Schuld?
Hab ich mich erniedrigt oder bereichert?
Hast du überhaupt einen aktiven Part..?

Bist du Objekt oder Partizipient?
Oder gar Verursacher?
Oder vielleicht doch nur Droge
und Leinwand meiner Begierden..?


(Sonst sind meine Gedichte rhythmischer - siehe Lyrikecke - aber diesmal wollte ich primär die Gedanken niederschreiben, bevor sie wieder verschwimmen...)
19.7.17 01:36


100 km in a week.
It started slow with some 5 or 6 km and then 15 km in the first days, but then I made 41 km in one day. I felt pretty high in the end and was so proud of myself! The next day I wanted to do 20 again, but was taken by a nice local in a car for 6 km even though I didn't even stick out my thumb. I was torn between gratefulness and feeling robbed of the opportunity to strech my limits again...
The next day I could do about 30 km again, following a beautiful path along the coast and even dumpster dive a lot of medication in Caños de Meca. Then again 20 km and I was already used to it.
Of course I had blisters on my feet, but seriously, if you just keep walking they'll adapt. Your feet know how to walk and you just need to expect some (increasingly long) period of time, in which the blisters will fall into place and won't interfere with your walking plans anymore...

Titi was always ahead of me. He was biking with most of our stuff, so I had to carry only about 10 kg on my back. Walking like this is easy and pleasant! And knowing that I'm walking in his direction; to seeing him waiting for me at some random corner, was something incredibly nice to me... ^_^

I know by now that he doesn't need me. But that shouldn't compromise our love, since love is not neediness - even though most of our valued contemporary culture implies otherwise... But they're wrong! If I love somebody I grant them every freedom imaginable, because I want them to be happy and grow to the most fulfilled version of themselves possible! And me, I can learn to deconstruct jealousy, to demask control issues, to debunk myths about 'love' that are just disguised possessiveness.

Oh yes, love...
This concept is so clear and vague, so big and narrow, so specific and general at the same time...
I got to know John and Kat in Algeciras and I'm super thankful to their input, because they seem to have found peace with polyamorous ideas already years ago. Especially Kat.

Polyamory means that you love for the love itself. You are never entitled to anything. You can never demand anything and think that you deserve it. You can only love for the sake of loving, Nobody is forced to stay with you because of some ancient relationship rules sheet, nobody is forced to keep up with your clingyness or jealousy. When somebody spends time with you it's because they _really_ want to. And if they don't, they don't.
But the funny thing is, that when this degree of freedom is agreed upon, the contact normally stays as intense or intensifies even...

It's logical, isn't it? To have a true connection it's beneficial to know that you don't need to hide anything. Lying is no longer necessary. Every attraction can be talked about and every restistance can be uttered. THAT is trust, openness, confidence and honesty.
Isn't that what you want your relationship to be as well..?
11.5.17 05:44

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